K-Strip Weatherboard Direct fix is a simple fast and accurate way to fix the bottom weatherboard too as well as  providing a cant strip.


The K-Strip provides support for the bottom weatherboard doing away with the time consuming task of installing a cant strip or wedge's to the weatherboard. It also closes off any gap that would allow vermin to get in.

The bottom edge on the K Strip provides a starting point for the bottom weatherboard doing away with the need to use a string line to get the bottom weatherboard straight.

It is the only weatherboard starter that can be used to fix the bottom weatherboard to the building. With all these benefits the labour saving is substantial.


To fit the K strip

  • Simply fix it to the bottom plate after the building wrap has been installed using 40x2.5mm hot dip galv clouts @ 400mmcrs
  • Allow for the cladding to lap 50mm over the concrete slab or floor structure as per E2 External Moisture or as specified
  • Ensure the bottom edge of the weatherboard is painted/sealed as per manufactures specifications
  • Then apply a continuous 5mm bead of sealant/adhesive to the bottom corner and a bead near the top of the support face that the weatherboard fits against.  Ezy Build Products recommends using Bostik MS Safe Seal.
  • Fix the first weatherboard in place
  • Remove excess sealant from the bottom edge
  • From here the Fast Clad Hand Bracket can be used to accurately install the remainder of the weatherboards up the wall

TIP: For best results EzyBuild recommends Bostik MS Safe Seal for
K-strip gluing and sealing. 


Specifications download PDF

Technical resources & how to diagrams