The EzyCorner is the next evolution of building products. It has twice the protection from moisture as a standard flashing.  

It's innovative design brings multiple building components into one product. It is a cavity batten and corner flashing in one product. 

The concept of the EzyCorner came about due to the problems associated with the build out of multiple products at the corner junction (cavity battens and flashing). To achieve a flush finish with the cladding a large amount of time is spent rebating the cavity battens and also installing multiple products, this has all been eliminated with the EzyCorner. Install time is substantially reduced, builders can simply cut and fit then move on to the next corner knowing you have a perfectly flush weather tight corner. The EzyCorner has multiple channels for moisture to escape allowing the corner to breathe. It has double layer flashing system, so in the event moisture breaches the outside flashing it has a ventilated drained cavity and then a second flashing at the back of the cavity, effectively giving you twice the protection.

The EzyCorner is formed from extruded UPVC which is a tried and proven building material.

 The EzyCorner can be used in all wind zones for an external or internal corner.

Whether you are a designer, builder or home owner looking for the best and most efficient  products available the EzyCorner has twice the protection to a conventional corner flashing, it's a lot faster and easier to install resulting in a large labour saving over the build.

  • The EzyCorner comes in 2.7m lengths.
  • When used as External flashing 100mm x100mm
  • When used as Internal flashing 81mm x 81mm


160053 Ezy_technical drawing_colour.jpg


  • EzyCorner EBC27
  • EzyCorner Cap EBCC01 (single)
  • EzyCorner Cap EBCC10 (bag 10)


  • No build out at the corner junction.
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Can be used for external or internal corner's in all wind zones
  • Double the protection to a standard flashing
  • Does not hold water
  • Does not support mould or rot
  • Lets the cavity breathe


When used in conjunction with the K-Strip Sheet Cavity fix, butt K-Strip up to the side of the EzyCorner, or if using the K-Strip Weatherboard Cavity fix run the K-Strip under the EzyCorner leaving a 3mm gap. 

When butting the Cavity closer into the EzyCorner use the EzyCorner Cap to close the EzyCorner's cavity, this is fitted and adhered to the base of the EzyCorner.  (Refer to EzyCorner cap drawings below) 

  • The EzyCorner Cavity Flashing must be positioned to overhang the bottom plate by a minimum of 15 mm.
  • The EzyCorner Cavity Flashing is fixed to the timber corner framing (internal or external) with 60 x 2.8 mm hot-dip galvanised flat-head nails. For steel framing, 30 mm x 8g galvanised wafer-head screws are used to secure the EzyCorner Cavity Flashing.
  • The EzyCorner Cavity Flashing is fixed to the bottom and top plates, and noggings/blocking at maximum 1200 mm centres.
  • Alternatively, the EzyCorner Cavity Flashing may be adhesive fixed with 25 mm diameter daubs at maximum 600 mm centres along the length of the profile. When adhesive fixing is using, temporary support is required to hold the profile in position while the adhesives cures or the cladding is fixed over.
  • It is recommended that where practicable, full lengths of EzyCorner Cavity Flashing are used.
  • Where a joint is required, cut opposing lengths with a 30° mitre cut. The slope of the mitre must be such that water is shed to the exterior face of the EzyCorner Cavity Flashing.
  • The maximum number of joints is one for a wall height up to 3.0 m and two joints for a wall height up to 7.0 m. (Note: NZBC Acceptable E2/AS1 Paragraph b) limits the height of a continuous cavity to a maximum of 2 storeys or 7.0 m).
  • Do not shoot through the EzyCorner with a nail gun.
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Specification download PDF and architectural detail

Technical resources & how to diagrams