K-Strip Sheet Cavity fix is a cavity closer and a support member for the bottom edge of the sheet.

The K-Strip Sheet Cavity fix has a unique design that encompasses two products into one saving time and money.

The K Strip Sheet Cavity Fix is a Cavity Closer as well as a support member designed to take the weight of the sheet while it is being fixed in position. The K Strip provides a straight edge for the bottom edge of the sheets as well as providing a fixing point.

It can be used with Fibre cement sheets and Ply sheets.

The Labour saving along with providing an accurate bottom edge for the sheet makes the K Strip the best choice available when installing a sheet product.

It's ridged design provides long term support for the bottom edge of the sheet to reduce the risk of it being broken when hit or knocked.


Sheet installation

  • Simply fix it to the bottom plate after the building wrap has been installed using 40x2.5mm hot dip galv clouts @ 400mmcrs
  • Allow for the cladding to lap 50mm over the concrete slab or floor structure as per E2 External Moisture or as specified
  •  Fit the cavity battens as specified.  Check out the back of the batten over the K Strip to ensure a flat surface
  • Ensure the bottom edge of the sheet is painted/sealed as per manufactures specifications
  • Then apply a continuous 5mm bead of sealant/adhesive to the bottom corner and a bead near the top of the support face that the sheet fits against.  Ezy Build Products recommends using Bostik Seal n Flex 1
  • Lift the sheet into place and fix off as per manufacture's specifications.  The sheet can be fixed to the K Strip @ 400mmcrs with 20mm s/s countersunk screws
  • Remove excess sealant from the bottom edge
  • Move on to the next sheet

TIP: For best results EzyBuild recommends Bostik MS Safe Seal for
K-strip gluing and sealing.


Specifications download PDF

Technical resources & how to diagrams